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Allison Prouty, woman owned company, event production hudson valley

“Allison Prouty is a force of nature. She is the woman you want on your side, your team. She will take you there.”


V (formerly Eve Ensler)Playwright and Founder of V-Day



Second Bolt is a woman-owned and woman-run event production and management company providing services across all aspects of

multi-disciplined industries. Created by and focused on the advancement of women, we specialize in the business of your business - freeing you up to focus on all the other spinning plates.

Founded in New York City, the Event Producers of Second Bolt have the skill, experience, and innovative attitude to handle your project. Whether an exclusive VIP gala, intimate donor dinner, corporate investor day, high-profile press announcement or a massive festival with guests in the tens of thousands, the Second Bolt team is frequently called upon to manage new initiatives, special events . . . or whenever lightning needs to strike twice.


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